Christine Thomas – Polarity from Hawkview Coaching on Vimeo.

My life is beautifully blessed beyond all measure and my baby brother has a rapidly progressing, terminal degenerative brain disorder. I have more abundance and access to food than humans have had in any time in history and I have no idea how to nourish myself well. I know that everything is unfolding in the long run as it needs to and I feel a restless, urgent need to change everything immediately.

Sky vast joy and ocean deep sorrow exist together in me.

Seeming opposites are very true. Both/and are on steroids in my life right now.

From deep within I am being transformed by the polarities in my life. How can dualistic mind survive this? Oh for the comfort of either/or and black/white thinking! Oh for the peace of a simplistic one or the other, with or against, us or them world!

I’m being forcibly expanded, perhaps even blown apart, by my lived truth of simultaneous this AND that, yin AND yang, grace AND struggle.

© Jul3s83 | - Muir Woods In Northern California PhotoThere’s nothing to do. There’s everything to do. Deep peace is here and now. And it’s now or never.

Holding all these simultaneously is thoroughly destabilizing and delightfully resonant, true, deep, solid, and grounded. It’s crazy making. Radical. Inspirational and so very, very wild.

And it’s making something way more vast and meaningful possible for me now.

4 comments on “Embracing polarities

  1. First of all….I must say to you my brave bad ass friend….how gorgeous you look and how beautiful the setting is for this video. 🙂
    I also love this topic. You have such a lovely and powerful way with words…..I TOTALLY resonate with this. Polarities seem to be at play….and have tended to be at play for my whole life. I sometimes call this ‘contrast’~
    Thanks for posting this video.
    Awesome timing~~

    • Thanks Lynne! Yes, I like your way of saying contrast, too. Contrast has been part of my life for a long, long time as well. Maybe that’s why we have our deep and giggly conversations.

  2. Thank you! This was a great reminder for me. I can get wrapped up in one side of the duality… today I have been pretty annoyed with my 94 year old grandma who I’m helping out for 2 weeks. And it feels way more honest to hold my annoyance while also holding my love. Hehe. It’s nice to have someone who talks about things in a way I understand, so thank you Christine. I love you! ????

    • I love you, too, Katie! Yes, I agree that it feels more honest to hold both annoyance and love. In fact that polarity is one of my most common ones. It often sounds like I love you dearly and please leave me alone right now. It is very nice for me to have someone want to talk about things in this way.

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