Compelled to do something useful

Even without the calls from the outer world or our loved ones to inhabit various roles or take on any number of responsibilities, we can feel the need within ourselves to be useful.

This from poet David Whyte in his book The Three Marriages: “There is no shelter from the calls of work. Find a corner to stretch out in, away from other eyes and lecturing voices and eventually our own conscience, built on millions of years of evolutionary survival, comes looking for us; tells us to get up and do something useful, for God’s sake. The refusal to contribute, to find a work, a metier, a marriage of self and necessity, is seen as a deeply ingrained taboo by almost all societies…”

We get mixed messages from our inner and outer worlds. Take time to rest, you’ve earned it. What are you doing with all of your time? Enjoy yourself. Better make a difference because it’s now or never.

What mixed messages have you been getting?
How are you being impacted by the ancient message to get up and do something useful?

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