Dreaming new dreams

How are you with dreaming? How are you with imagining a new future for yourself?

Sometimes, when we’ve been working really hard for a long time, we get so good at executing our current plans and obligations, that our dreaming skills get rusty. Sometimes the structure of work that provided so much direction for us has acted like another form of dream dampener. We’ve been in one box for so long we have no idea what might be possible outside of this box.

Have no fear in this regard! We are all natural dreamers. We just have to remember to dream our own dreams, not simply the one others might dream for us.

Let yourself dream – wild, far out there, over the top imaginings as well as the simple, sweet ones you might have tucked away in a safe place long ago. This is the perfect time for you to dream any number of possibilities for yourself. You’ll decide later which ones you feel drawn to (or you’ll let yourself be captured by the ones that won’t let you go). For now, give yourself the freedom and permission to cultivate your ability to imagine yourself taking many different paths, exploring all kinds of new interests, finding new tribes of people you enjoy, and expressing more of your brilliant multifaceted self.

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