Forces acting upon us

We are smart, capable, thoughtful women who have made our own choices and traveled our own paths to where we are now. We know how to set goals and achieve them. We have faced completely unexpected challenges and found ways to meet them through our own strategies and efforts. We’ve done this in the past, we do it right now, so we can trust we will be able to do this in the years to come.

And, at the very same time, we are all part of a common river, a rushing spring snow melt river roaring down the mountains and making her way over many miles to the sea. We are all caught in a flow much larger and more forceful than ourselves. So, for just a moment, drop your thinking and your plans, let go of your personal worries and dreams, forget about the shoulds and better nots of your specific life and feel the rushing river you are a part of and that is so much of a part of you. Sense, feel, or imagine the forces much bigger than you that are acting upon you at this time.

Where does the river want to take you? How do you respond to these much larger forces? How are these larger forces impacting your choices for your present and your future?

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