You worked really hard to get here!

Beautiful wise woman, you’ve worked really hard, many long hours, and for many years to get to this place in your life. You get to take some time to acknowledge and appreciate all that you’ve been up to for these many years.

Sometimes we get so exhausted and ready to move on that we forget all of the energy we put into our work lives – through the decades.

(Ok, I’m not trying to make you feel old. I’m simple reminding you that you have been working your butt off in many ways for a very long time.)

Take some time to reflect on all that you’ve been focusing on, working for, and accomplishing in your outer work life and your home life, too. You have been a very busy woman!

You might want to create a time line of your life to make note of efforts, successes, and lessons learned. You might want to make a collage or other art project to anchor these memories. Or maybe you feel like creating a musical playlist or writing a poem about it.

In the really big story changes of our lives we have to celebrate and mourn the loss of the old before we can more fully dream ourselves into the new.

I know you have tons and tons of things to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate given all you have been and done over your years. So take some time to remember and celebrate.

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