Likely you’ve got your own opinion of dandelions. My green grass loving peeps see them as villains while my herbalist clan knows them for the nourishing and healing powerhouses they are.

To me dandelions are the ultimate role models for the utterly fierce determination to live, to bloom, and to launch our creativity into the world, no matter what.

Like so many weeds, dandies are a pioneer species, meaning they’ll be some of the first to move into disturbed ground that would be inhospitable to more domesticated plants. They will grow and endure in the harshest environments. They freely offer their gifts to anyone who wants them. And they launch their babies on the breeze, dozens of them, without fret or fanfare.

What would it be like to be so confident and sure of ourselves that we could anchor and thrive in any patch of dirt into which chance drops us? What would be possible if we had no thought of shoulds, no need to stay within the confines of the well tended gardens of our lives, and no fear at all of trusting our creative efforts to the winds?

What daring dreams might emerge from us if we were to simply be ourselves no matter the opinions or actions of others?

My wish for all of us today, dear ones: May we be ourselves, trust ourselves, and unapologetically offer our unique creative expression to the world. May we have the grit and unstoppable determination of dandelions!

4 comments on “Unstoppable Determination

  1. What an inspiring message, Christine!!! I love this idea of thinking of myself as a dandelion – with nary a care of whether that is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for another (cuz I yam what I yam). Thank you 🙂

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