Follow Your Star

Starry night in pine forest

The bad news: Many of us just don’t fit into the standard plan. You know, the plan that’s all about who we should be, what we should be doing, what real success looks like, who we should love, who we should hate, how we absolutely must behave, blah, blah, blah. You know, this standard (and some think crumbling) normal plan.

The good news: Many of us just don’t fit into the standard plan!

Yay us!

Innovation comes from the borders, from the edge, from the land of the don’t fitters. So do solutions to intractable problems and mind-blowing art. Each of us, no matter how out of step we seem to be with the over culture’s beating drum, each of us has gifts and gorgeousness to share with this needy world.

Even so, we all know the soul crushing obstacles to living our true selves, to following our own bright star. Maybe you’ve wrestled with some of these, like

Climber on a rock looking out
  • Self doubt because that nasty inner critic toes the party line and knows we should too.
  • Exhaustion due to all the effort it takes try, yet again, to fit in.
  • More exhaustion working jobs that aren’t good for us.
  • Frustration with not being able to translate our brilliant ideas into sustainable and profitable work.
  • Regret that figuring things out is taking us so long.
  • Terror when we’re finally able to let go of the standard plan to step into something completely new, completely ours, completely daring.
  • Deep sorrow when our life force goes towards making money rather than our art.
  • The pain that comes from knowing we can’t meet our loved ones’ expectations of us.

More good news: Personal life coaching offers useful, non-judgmental, powerful tools and perspectives that can support us as we listen to our inner knowing, bolster our self-respect, learn to trust ourselves, take measurable actions, and find our very own way of thriving – by following our own star.

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