Make Your Way

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In the perfect storm of our individual gut-wrenching transitions, a global pandemic, the shifting seasons of our relationships and our lives, a terrifying climate crisis, and brutally relentless change, it is quite natural to feel lost, to feel overwhelmed, to feel directionless and unsure, to be exhausted.

So it’s not about you, beautiful one. No matter what your lying inner critic or your demanding public might be telling you, there is nothing wrong with you.

Again, I say it’s perfectly natural to feel lost, overwhelmed, directionless, unsure, and exhausted.

It’s downright hard to be human.

Personal life coaching for women offers practical tools, more inclusive perspectives, and non-judgmental support so we can thrive as well as survive as we make our way in this magnificently beautiful and cruelly challenging world.

Imagine making your way when you get support to:

  • Find your inner locus of control
  • Remember your core values
  • Shore up your power-from-within
  • Understand your edge behaviors
  • Reclaim your brilliant boundaries
  • Sift through the many competing demands
  • Sooth your battered spirit and overworked nervous system
  • Embrace your gift, talents, strengths, and unique brilliance
  • Jettison your limited beliefs
  • Bust through your blocks and inner critics
  • Make your own way in this upside-down world
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Want to give life coaching for women with me a try? Or would you just like to know more?

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

No matter what you choose to do now, know that even though it’s sometimes beyond challenging to be human, you are a unique and brilliant part of this crazy world and we need you! As Toko-Pa Turner says in her book, Belonging, you are, “desperately needed to sing us out of this muddle.”