Personal Life Coaching for Women

I’m the luckiest duck because I get to do and be immersed in what I love – personal life coaching for women!

All the women I know are facing enormous challenges, even in the joy of unparalleled abundance and opportunity. Unending change, nearly relentless demands for our attention and care, unexpected obstacles and gifts, the constant needs of our loved ones and our work, the blessing of fortune and creativity – all of this and more keep us in perpetual vigilance, overwhelm, and discomfort.

All the women I know are smart, capable, resilient, and devoted to creating good lives for themselves and their loved ones.

As a Personal Life Coach for Women I know our challenges are not solved by simply getting more organized or getting better at boundaries or working harder and smarter. It’s not as easy as “just do it!” We need more than what I call coaching 101. Sure, sometimes a bit of a refresher on the busy woman helpful hints can be good.

And there is so very much more to us and our life’s challenges that the heart-felt, soul-nourishing, completely open-minded, non-judgmental, radically inspired, firmly feminist foundation of personal life coaching for women in the wise woman tradition can offer women today.

We don’t need to settle, we don’t need to simply make do. We don’t need to give in or be swallowed up. We’re not here to live someone else’s plan for us. We don’t need to deny our deep selves in order to fit in or succeed. Living our love and our desire to be of service, to make a difference, does not at all mean we need to give up our grand dreams or our own very necessary soul-care.

We need an entirely new set of skills and tools and perspectives in order to thrive in this brilliantly abundant, ridiculously demanding, and still overtly patriarchal and unjust world. This is exactly what personal life coaching grounded in deep reverence for the strengths and challenges of women offers.

Personal Life Coaching for Women will help you:

  • Re-member yourself in a way that is more than your roles and others’ expectations of you.
  • Reconnect with your core, your deep knowing, and the inspiring parts of you that you’ve hidden away for safe keeping.
  • Find clarity in the midst of chaos and so very many choices.
  • Develop a plan that works for you and that you can tweak as needed.
  • Learn new tools for getting past the inner predator who devours your dreams.
  • Figure out a way to be with the constant changes of life and still thrive.
  • Develop your own navigational system so that you don’t get lost.
  • Sort through your “stuff”, keeping the gold, deleting the junk.
  • Build your power-from-within and skillfully wield it.
  • Lock in a way to bring together the sacred and the mundane, heaven and earth, your divinity and your humanity in the muck of everyday life.

Personal Life Coaching offers you:

  • A safe place to be your multifaceted self without judgment.
  •  And the rigorous challenge to get past your self-limiting perspectives.
  • A mirror to more accurately recognize your strengths and challenges.
  • A process for remembering how to connect with what you really want and a way to move in that direction.
  • A framework of depth, meaning, and practical tools for immediate use.
  • Someone to accompany as you journey through this Mystery School of life.
  • Someone who will both support you and call you forth.

What Personal Life Coaching for Women is not:

This isn’t about you being too much or not enough. Coaching isn’t about telling you what to do or fixing you. There is nothing to fix because you, dear sweet woman, are a unique spark of divine creation. As a Co-Active Coach I know you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. As your personal life coach I promise not to collude with your inner critic, that predator that devours our dreams and keeps us playing way to small. There will be no whip wielding and no snarky nagging. Together we will design the support that works best for you (and I know all kinds of ways to call women to step into their strengths and follow their own drummers to their unique destination).

There seems to be an increasing sense of urgency in our work. Have you felt that? This is the time we have, right now. This is the time for each of us to shine and give our unique gifts to this needy world. If now’s the time for you to make and be the change you want in the world, contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk and see if we’d be a good match for coaching. We can be lucky ducks together!