Unraveling Curses, Reweaving Selves

Unraveling Curses, Reweaving Selves
Building Power-from-Within in a Soul Stealing World



Do you get stuck in old patterns that you know don’t work for you but you can’t seem to shake?
Have you crammed yourself into one way of being, leaving behind some secret selves and soulful parts?
Are you in a whopping transition, so big that you’re not sure how to define yourself any more?
Does it sometimes feel like you keep hitting the same invisible barrier over and over again on the way to your dreams?

Then Unraveling Curses, Reweaving Selves, Building Power-from-Within in a Soul Stealing World is the tele-class or individual focus for you.

Did you learn really well how to be successful and make others happy, but not so much about how you can thrive, or even that you get to?
Are you bored out of your mind and ready to run far, far away from the very limited options before you?
Are you really tired of all your old excuses, distractions, and self-medicating?

Curses. Now that’s an attention getting word. Some are repulsed by it as it implies superstitious and old-fashioned thinking. Some of us might be slightly intrigued but a bit nervous about looking under the bed and head on into the danger there. Some of us might be stirred in a curious way by this word. Yup. I get that.

And I also get the power of words. Most women I know have had powerful words used against them, often for a very long time. These words of power have been spoken out of ignorance or meanness or even love. The intention behind them has been to keep small, to disempower, to hold back, to block, to diminish, to give up in order to play it safe – which all sound like curses to me.

Whether from a still entrenched patriarchal culture, a loving or dysfunctional family, or from that nasty internal demon, the inner critic, we all have had negative words of power cast our way.

One of the strategies we use in 3 level coaching is to bring these hurtful thought patterns into our conscious awareness long enough to unravel them, maybe even blow them apart, and replace them with more true, life affirming stories, perspectives, and ways of being.

Those of us that have wrestled with our inner critic or judge or what Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the predator that devours our dreams know how it feels to be caught in the web of these negative illusions.

As a personal life coach for over 18 years my clients and I have faced down many a nasty curse. In this class I’ll share some of the various strategies we’ve successfully used to unravel these curses and reweave more truthful perspectives of resilience, resourcefulness, and personal power.

What you will get:

  • Useful tools, new perspectives, bold new stories with room for all of the multifaceted you.
  • An opportunity to stop, reflect, and nurture yourself at a deep level.
  • A look at your inner team and how to engage all of you in an effective and loving way.
  • Pieces of what I call practical feminism – a body of knowledge for how to be a strong, empowered, loving, thriving woman – and practical magic – the ability to shift consciousness at will.
  • A worldview founded in the Wise Woman tradition and in the belief that each person is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
  • Personal life coaching that recognizes the need to tend to our selves at multiple levels of reality; that knowing, feelings, and the intangible are as important as action steps.
  • Ways to define, engage, and build your power-from-within that are aligned with your core values and unique way of being.

Make sure you’ve signed up to get my blog posts to know when I’ll next be offering this class. At the moment I don’t have this class scheduled. I do offer a 3 session personal life coaching package for women who really need to bust through some powerful limiting thought forms which includes a sample introductory session and three 45 minute follow through sessions for $360.00. Want to know more? I’d love to hear from you.

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